Every year husbands and children struggle to find the best Mothers Day gift for the women in their lives. They struggle to find just the right gift for the women in their lives because they want to show them just how special they are- and how much they mean to them.

While all moms enjoy flowers and candy it does get tedious year after year. Rather than get your mom the same old thing each year you need to find something unique for her to enjoy. If your mom happens to enjoy gardening, then why not get her something that she can place in her garden?

There are numerous websites available for you to visit which sell a variety of things that can be placed in the garden to make it more attractive. You can also find a variety of things that allow her to bring the beauty of her garden into the house.

One of the most unique Mothers Day gift ideas is a butterfly wing pendant made from a real butterfly wing. The best thing about these unique pendants is that they are not made from wild butterfly wings, and is a great way to help preserve the rainforest. These pendants are made from the wings of butterflies raised on butterfly farms. The pendant is indeed a unique gift because you won’t find it anywhere in the stores.

If the mom in your life isn’t one to wear jewelry perhaps – she will enjoy this mounted butterfly presented in a see-through frame. One of the most beautiful butterflies mounted is the Blue Morpho Butterfly which is found in South America. It is an electric blue color which so many people find attractive. With the butterfly being mounted between two pieces of glass, you can easily view the butterfly from either side.

If you want to get the woman in your life, something for their garden then a great idea is a butterfly house. With the butterfly house you will find something that suits their garden landscape perfectly. For example, you can choose from a pine butterfly house with a green roof painted with sunflowers as decoration. Or you can choose a rustic-looking butterfly house made out of old fencing posts.

Choosing to give a gift of a butterfly house is a great idea because it attracts butterflies to the garden and butterflies are needed to help pollinate flowers. When purchasing a butterfly house you want to find one that provides easy access, whether the bottom comes out or a side comes off. Access is required so you can clean out the house regularly as well as adding twigs to the inside to help attract more butterflies.