Many Mother’s Day Gift Ideas focus on objects that offer practical benefits to mums or keepsakes that are designed to convey sentiments of deep love and affection the sort that are intended to be kept forever. Other popular Mothers Day gift ideas include slightly less imaginative items, such as bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates and flowers; although, these remain perfectly acceptable by ordinary standards.

Whilst it is often best to stay on the tried and trusted path when choosing Mothers Day gifts, it can also be worth taking a few risks; indeed, Mothers Day gift ideas that have the capacity to surprise and excite in equal measure are usually more memorable than items that may be locked away in a box and rarely if ever seen again. Of course, finding exciting Mothers Day gifts that can surprise mums who have seen and done it all is by no means easy.

As mentioned above, Mothers Day gift ideas tend to focus on tangible items such as jewellery, perfume, chocolates and so on. In order to create a surprise, therefore, people must be more adventurous in choosing such gifts; in fact, the specific range of goods considered ought not to be of the kind usually purchased. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that are virtually guaranteed to be met with surprise include those that involve experience days or, as some people call them, ‘wild days out’. What constitutes a wild day out will, quite understandably, vary from one person to the next. Whereas some mothers will be content to sit at home and put their feet up, many others would prefer to enjoy life in its more exciting form. In this respect, there are scores of different experience day gifts that can be purchased for adventurous mums on Mothers Day.

Exciting Mothers Day gifts include activities that may be considered daring or perhaps even terrifying. These often comprise adventures that set the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping, such as tandem skydives, which involve almost a minute of free fall and several more under the canopy of a parachute (at least hopefully) whilst strapped to a professional skydiving instructor (again, hopefully). Ordinary people might not fancy the idea of leaping out of a perfectly healthy aeroplane at approximately 13,000 feet but, reaching speeds of around 120 mph, skydiving offers an exceptional thrill that cannot be matched by most other activities.

If a skydiving experience is chosen from one of the many Mother’s Day Gift Ideas considered, it is important to ensure beforehand that mums meet various medical criteria, including weight limit (approximately 14-15 stone) and general good health (people with epilepsy, brain disease or high blood pressure, among several other conditions, are not advised to participate in the activity). As an alternative to mums who prefer a more down-to-earth adventure, an indoor skydiving activity day is likely to appeal.

Other exciting Mothers Day gifts that feature wild days out include dumper racing, rally driving and sports car testing. Motorsport related gifts will often attract male participants but many women can also enjoy the thrills, spills and excitement of racing fast or powerful vehicles at high speed. In fact, doing so may finally settle the question of whether mum is a better driver than dad, which is likely to rouse intense competition between the two. More passive forms of racing are available in the form of go-karting or Segway rally racing, the latter of which offers a unique form of entertainment as two-wheeled Segways virtually hover over all types of terrain great fun for racers who demand relatively safe conditions and low speeds.

Mothers Day is essentially about giving mums a break from their everyday chores, whilst it is also a celebration of their love. As such, a balloon flight for two represents one of the most suitable and pleasant Mothers Day gifts as this activity not only involves plenty of excitement but it can also prove very spiritual and romantic; indeed, coasting along the clouds with a partner is a decidedly eventful experience. However, for those who prefer a little more than a basket and giant balloon to stop them from falling several thousand feet to the world beneath, a flying lesson experience day is ideal.

Mothers in receipt of such a gift can expect to enjoy around 60 minutes in the air a perfectly exciting gift for many mums. White water rafting, tank paintballing and monster truck driving also constitute excellent Mothers Day gifts for those who wish to be thoroughly entertained. More relaxing pursuits can also be enjoyed in the form of makeover sessions, health spa retreats, food and drink discovery experiences and ballroom and Latin American dancing lessons. All of these activities and more can be given to mums in the form of personalised gift vouchers which can be redeemed at a later date.