A first mother’s day is a day that is never forgotten. After all the excitement of having your first baby, preparing a mothers day gift is probably something that is left until the last moment. But if you start early you can come up with a truly unique and memorable gift idea for the first mother’s day. Something that will stand out from just about every other gift idea out there – and something that will certainly last longer than chocolates or flowers (although you can add these to the gift package as well!).

There really is no better way to celebrate mother’s day than with a gift that she will never forget about. The best choice is a personalized photo jigsaw puzzle. This is not just any old puzzle, but one that contains photos of people, places and memories that she is familiar with. You can choose any photo or photos you like to include on the puzzle! The only limit is your imagination.

Here are some great ideas for photos to use on the puzzle:

  • Photos of the newborn baby from day one until recently
  • Photos of the happy married couple
  • Photos of the extended family
  • Holiday snaps
  • Pet photos

There are just so many options that the only trouble you will have is limiting the photos you choose. Luckily you can choose a Photo Collage option and select up to 20 photos on one puzzle in a collage format.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to design or create the collage yourself. Just upload the photos via a web interface and then the professional photo puzzle company will design and arrange them on puzzle pieces in collage form. Alternatively you can send one single photo in and have it blown up to fit on the entire puzzle.

A unique first mother’s day gift like a photo jigsaw puzzle is a gift that will remain in her memory forever. It is something that, when looked at, will bring back visions of that very first mothers day. It is a day that only comes only once in a lifetime so it is well worth it to think up a present that is so unique, personal and long lasting.